Saturday, June 4, 2022 – 7:00 AM Pacific


Section 1Delivery Challenges for Retinal Therapeutics

Moderators: Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc and Yasir J. Sepah, MBBS

7:00 am – Intravitreal drug delivery challenges – Is increasing viscosity a problem?
David Brown, MD

7:08 am – Surgical approaches to viral vector-based anti-VEGF therapies
Lejla Vajzovic, MD

7:16 am – Faricimab: Is it more durable than Aflibercept?
John A. Wells, III, MD

7:24 am – Panel Discussion
Moderators: Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc & Yasir J. Sepah, MBBS
Panelists: Session 1 Faculty

Section 2 – Molecular and Gene therapy: New Frontiers in Retina
Moderators: Diana V. Do, MD and Loh-Shan Leung, MD

7:40 am – Complement factor I gene therapy – Clinical trial updates
Nancy Holekamp, MD

7:48 am – Suprachoroidal RGX-314: Data review and next steps
Rahul Khurana, MD

7:56 am – Gene therapy for x-linked retinitis pigmentosa
Rachel Huckfeldt, MD

8:04 am – 4D-150: Novel gene therapy for neovascular AMD: Update on clinical trial
Dante Pieramici, MD

8:12 am – Panel Discussion
Moderator: Diana V. Do, MD & Loh-Shan Leung, MD
Panelists: Session 2 Faculty

Section 3 – The Future of Vitreoretinal Surgery
Moderators:   Prithvi Mruthunjaya, MD 

8:27 am – Artificial Intelligence-Guided Ophthalmic Microsurgery – Disruptive Tech or Extinction Event?
Yannek I. Leiderman, MD, PhD

8:35 am – The future of Enhanced surgical visualization
Caroline Baumal, MD

8:43 am – Panel Discussion
Moderators: Prithvi Mruthunjaya, MD 
Panelists: Session 3 Faculty

9:00 am – Break

Section 4 – Innovating in your practice (NON CE Section)
Moderator: Stephen Smith, MD & Natalia Callaway, MD, MS

9:10 am – When clinical trials don’t go your way: How clinicians can shape clinical trial programs
Diana V. Do, MD

9:15 am – The Suprachoroidal Space and Suprachoroidal Delivery for Clinicians
Tom Ciulla, MD, MBA

9:23 am – Keys to successfully innovating in your practice setting – Intro to Live Event in October
Stephen Smith, MD

9:30 am – Panel Discussion

9:40 am – Conclusion

*All time in pacific time zone.